Coating on Wet Paper

I soaked and blotted the paper then coated immediately, while the paper was still wet. I dried the gum layer with a hair dryer before printing, but the paper itself was still wet when printed. I'm not sure (I'm writing this years after making and posting the test print) but I suspect this is on unsized Arches aquarelle.

Here's another example: Arches bright white paper, sized with gelatin and glyoxal. As above, the paper was put in water for 10-15 minutes and the surface water blotted off, then gum-coated wet and printed after the gum layer was dried with a hair dryer. In both cases, the emulsion, as always, was 1:1, pigment/gum: saturated ammonium dichromate. The slight yellow in the background isn't pigment stain or dichromate stain, but tone that will be neutralized by the tone of the next layer to produce grey.

I took the above print, soaked it for half an hour in lukewarm water, then printed a layer of Prussian blue on it, after drying the surface of the print. The paper itself was soaked through to the point that it was limp. The result:

There is some staining, not very noticeable but present, in the form of some light speckles in the upper left corner and smudges in the lower and upper right corners. The overall pale blue-grey tone in the background isn't stain but the fog that was present the day I took the picture; on days like that, the river is the same bluish-grey color as the air.