Site Overview

The purpose of this site is twofold: (1) to share observations gained from years of printing gum bichromate, (2) to debunk myths that have plagued gum printing over the last century, as well as new myths that are being propagated even now. It seems to me that with so much misinformation being passed on from older times and new misinformation being propagated by people promoting their own misinterpretations of or recipes for gum printing, someone should speak up for gum itself and challenge the misinformation. Hence the site title "In defense of gum bichromate."

A quick map of the site:

Overview (you are here): This introductory page directs to a very basic introduction to the process and a couple of pages debunking some longstanding general myths about gum bichromate.

Process notes: I've tried to list the pages here that have to do with how to print gum.

Technical notes: I've tried to list the pages here that have to do with how gum works rather than with how to print gum, or that contain technical information about materials and equipment that I thought were better separated out from the basic instructions for gum printing, as in an appendix.

Obviously, the distinction between "technical notes" and "process notes" is arbitrary and inexact, and I may shift things back and forth; the aim was to break things into manageable chunks rather than have one very very long table of contents. I'd appreciate feedback on how well this works for you.

Gallery: A few examples, grouped into periods, to showcase a variety of expressions that the simple formula I use can lend itself to. Nothing available for exhbition or sale here.

My reward for all this is the satisfaction of sharing my joy in gum and the knowledge of gum I've accumulated over years of gum printing; if it helps or inspires you in the process, so much the better. Feel free to write me with questions or comments.

Katharine Thayer