Gallery: Recent Work

For the last two-three years my life has been rather chaotic, with two moves, illness, surgery and other events getting in the way of producing work, but I have managed to keep on gum printing here and there between crises.

There are two very different bodies of work I've been working on during this time. One was going to be a series of portraits of people who hung out at a coffeeshop in a fishing village where I worked: they were an assorted collection of live-aboards, boatwrights, fishermen, and cannery workers, as well as the two sisters who owned the coffeeshop and the adjoining seafood market. Unfortunately the woman who owned the coffeeshop closed the business and moved to California before I got very far on the project, but I've had fun experimenting with these images, in monochrome and in color, and printing on different kinds of paper.

More recently, I've been working on a series of photographs of the paper mill across the river from my house, which I will be printing in a much more traditional gum style.