Galleries of Selected Gum Prints

Note: This site is an educational site to share what I know about gum printing; it isn't about me, or about my work, and I have nothing to sell here. The prints shown have either been previously exhibited and sold (I don't do editions; I prefer to print each image only once) or are work prints or test prints or in some rare cases, aren't for sale because I want to keep them for my own collection. These gallery pages are simply a show and tell for gum bichromate; from the many prints I've made over time, I've selected a few to illustrate the versatility and flexibility of gum. I've added process notes to many of the images for those interested in details of process.

I've organized the gallery roughly by types of work, which also correspond roughly, though not exactly, to periods of time, from left to right, since I've been drawn to very different artistic expressions at different periods in my gum printing career, so you can see how I have used gum to serve different goals as my printing goals have changed over time. Since the goal of the site is educational rather than promotional, I've chosen only a few prints from each period, and kept them small, so as to save most of my limited website space for educational material. Click on images below to reach each group: